Welcome to the Acropora Growth Movie Page

This page as been created to show how fast Acropora can grow, and how an amazing process it is.
To allow everyone to see that, and because looking an Acropora growing could be as exciting as looking grass growing, a picture has been taken every day on the same colonie, and some movies have been created to see months of process in seconds.

Colony Status when the first movie image has been taken & then 93 days later

Reef tank where the Colony is growing

WARNING : The movie will be built under your eyes, image by image until all the images are downloaded.
Then, the movie will run in a loop. Please wait until the process is complete.

(Mouvements in the background are just teams of snails and hermit crabs playing soccer with a Pavona cactus fragment ;-))

Feel free to use this movie (for free !) as far as it is not for business purpose and if you keep the title. To use the movie, just wait for a full movie load in your browser, and then right-clic on it and save it on your disk using the "Save As" option that appears.


You have two options :
Heavy file (over 600 ko) with reduced colors but in a .gif format that you can see with all bowsers
More colorful and reduced file (350 Ko), but your browser needs the Shockwave plugin (download it at http://www.macromedia.com)

Enjoy them !

Best Regards